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Easy, efficient, engaged and personalized - Sparkcentral enables the future of digital
customer engagement in every step of your customer journey.
Make connections with your target audience seamlessly on any messaging channel.

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Digital Customer Engagement Platform

Customers want to message your
brand, let them

Your customers want to reach you on a
variety of digital messaging channels,
including Social Media, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Google, SMS … and along with your brands website or mobile app.

Make your customer experience effortless by managing all your conversations in our Automated Message Distribution Platform.


Why messaging is at least 3 times better

than traditional channels

Curious about the benefits for your customer care team when using messaging channels for SLA based customer service? We’ll give you 3 reasons to start the conversation right away. 

Better for your customer

Better for your employee

Better for your wallet

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